If it’s me reading the signs.

Geez, where to begin?

I had a pretty odd date experience the other night. We had been talking for about two weeks. We seemed to have a lot in common and our texting conversations were pretty easy going, so we were both excited to finally meet in person. Our initial plans changed at the last minute due to somewhat unforseen circumstances with a ceremony in Old Town and a billion people cramping our style. Our alternate plans were ok, but nothing special. And to be honest, I was already a bit bummed our original plans fell through.

Our conversation never really got to the point of easy and kind of felt like a struggle at times. I’m not sure if she was shy/nervous or if I was giving off a weird vibe, but nothing really clicked. The night honestly had a constant feel of a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ episode where you’re just slightly uncomfortable at all times, but not to the point of bailing.

Anyways, after dinner and a drink, we walked back to my truck and I asked if I could drop her off at her house and she politely declined and said she was fine biking home, in the cold… Well, to me, that’s a pretty clear coup de grace on the night, so we hugged and parted ways. No big deal. Until I got home and she texted that she was confused by my body language and couldn’t gauge my interest and said she wished I would have kissed her goodnight. What?!


Someone please explain this one to me. I’m waving the white flag because I honestly have no clue what I’m doing anymore when it comes to dating. Sometimes I pick up good vibes that apparently aren’t there and other times I feel like things are d.o.a when that’s not the case at all. All I know, it’s pretty dejecting, and really, more importantly, confusing. This shouldn’t be this difficult.

This is partly why I haven’t dated at all in the last couple of months. I’m tired of the negative feelings I get from dating and honestly, I don’t think I align very well with the people of Colorado and their lifestyle. I sometimes wonder if it would be this difficult in other parts of the country or if geography has nothing to do with it and it’s really just an indictment on my generation, or even worse, me.

Anyways, just thought I’d give you the other side of social media. We all complain that social media is a filter for only what’s good in someone’s life. Here’s the other side. This is the struggle that few put on display, in all it’s glory. Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘Jacob Has No Clue How to Date’.

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