Out of the Shadows

If all holds true and it looks like it’s going to, Alabama just elected their first democratic senator in 25 years. What?!

Make no bones about it, this win was a must have for democrats. However, more importantly, this was a win for hope, reason, and decency. If an accused sexual predator, who was wholeheartedly backed by another accused sexual predator, had won this election, I’m not sure how the country would have reacted and recovered to that gut shot. But that shadow was not cast tonight.

Tonight, democratic values can breathe easy. Tonight, the bruises obtained from the 2016 election are slightly less prominent. Tonight, and maybe most importantly, victims of sexual abuse specific to this election, but also from across the state of Alabama, as well as the entire country, can hold their heads a little higher and hopefully come a little closer to healing. Tonight, Alabama sent a strong message to sexual abuse victims. Alabama is behind you.

Finally, let’s not forget the message that was sent to the White House. An administration that has condoned dispicable speech and acts received a strong message tonight. The voice of hatred and oppression will not last. It is a blip on the radar that will be drowned out by the voices of hope, love, and acceptance.

This is what can happen when all of us join forces and show up to make a difference together. 2018 will be the response to 2017.

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