Trump Nausea

I didn’t get to write yesterday because of prior commitments, but here I am today on day 1 of this new ‘write everyday’ iniative. And why not start off on a positive note. Donald Trump.

I am so sick and tired of thinking about this asshole everyday. I am so sick and tired of watching basic human rights eroded everyday. I am so sick and tired of being embarrassed of my country.

But it’s impossible to not feel this way. I have tried so very hard, so many times, to understand how this country could do something so disgusting. I can’t wrap my head around it. But here’s the mind boggling part. His approval rating among his supporters has barely moved at all! What?!

How is that even possible? Are people paying attention to all of the bullshit this administration pulls day in and day out? The answer is no. All people care about is who is representing ‘their team’ and they hardly look beyond that. It’s sickening and it has personally affected me everyday since he took office.

I’m tired of feeling like this. This horror has robbed me of some portion of my life and continues to do so. And it’s going to rob the majority of us a quality of life for decades to come. There’s no denying that. And people, the very people who will lose so much because of this asshole, will continue to support him against their best interests. That is their best interests if they could look past team pride and their small, bigoted world.

Ta-Nehisi Coates said it best when he said “For 8 years Barack Obama walked on ice and never fell.” What President Obama and his administration did under the social and political environment presented to them is nothing short of remarkable. He never had the scandal. He reached across the aisle. He said what we needed to hear, when we needed to hear it, even when we weren’t ready for it. He was full of grace, candor, and empathy. What we have now couldn’t be further from that.

I want to puke.

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