Mindless Drivel

At some point I’m going to need a new job or more preferably, a career. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my job, both as the manager of the Listening Lab, as well as a natural sounds recordist. However, this position wasn’t built to be forever. In fact, we just received word that the Department of the Interior won’t be funding us this go around, so the clock just started ticking.

Additionally, I feel I am largely underpaid for the work that I do, especially considering the salaries of people holding similar positions, as well as peers around me who have similar qualifications. This seems to be a byproduct of our funding situation, but probably has more to do with an overemphasis on pure research and an undervaluing of my managerial and outreach work.

I started really thinking about transitioning into a new position over the last several months and I really got to thinking about what my other options might be and more importantly, what my qualifications are. The moment I decided to not pursue a research-based career and to stop publishing papers, I also decided that I would be accumulating a different type of career currency. This is something I wasn’t prepared for.

For one, what are my other options? ….

Yawn. I don’t want to write about that anymore. Changing gears.

I’m sitting here at the Mayor of Old Town and it is packed. I suppose it is 5pm and people are looking to unwind from a day at work, but holy hell there are a lot of people. I was hoping to hide in a corner and write a little before heading home, but now I’m crammed in a bar seat with little room to myself. I’m going to need some time to recharge the batteries tonight after this.

Umm, other thoughts? I haven’t kept up with the Kavanaugh details today, but it does feel like the Republicans are doing their best to hide findings from the FBI report (even though the report itself was largely a sham). It looks like we are going to live in a world where the American public puts a sex predator on the highest court and in the White House. Way to go U.S.A.! For real talk though, I sincerely feel for all women who have experience sexual assault and have to live with this prospect.

What else? Umm, I am headed out in the field Friday night with my students to record the elk rut in Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m pretty excited about this. I am completely captivated by the sounds of the rut, but I am also thrilled to be giving these students a chance to experience it themselves. We are just going up for the evening/night, but it should be enough time to really find ourselves in the midst of the action. It might even snow!

Then, on Sunday I am headed out in the field with a journalist/documentarian who wants to shoot some footage of me doing some of my recording work. He is interested in creating a documentary about my big Mississippi Flyway project and is currently putting together some promotional material to pitch the idea to some donors. I suppose I better give him some field time. 🙂

Finally, Laurel and I are going to spend some time together on Saturday, cooking breakfast and heading out to a pumpkin patch. I tell ya what, I sure do like this woman. AND. I finally get to spend fall with someone really special. The only downside is that I’ll be traveling to Portland next week for an awesome outreach event (see my next post?) and then spending 10 days in Sequoia NP at the end of the month, tracking Big Horn Sheep on Mt Langley. We better maximize our time together while we can, which is why I’m really excited about spending this weekend with her.

Ok, my jalapeño and cream cheese pretzel and beer are gone, the noise in this place is way too loud, and someone is cooking me dinner. Time to peace out!

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