Gaviaimmersion is a free-from immersion into what I’m sure are commonplace thoughts, in an effort to jump start what I hope to be the next stage of my life. I’m a bird nerd extraordinaire (Common loon es mi favorito), acoustic ecologist (Sound and Light Ecology Team), and human being. This blog is intended to be a constantly evolving form, with the primary aim intended to improve my abilities as a competent communicator of thoughts and observations (i.e. improve my writing so I can better communicate with the world (i.e. you)). Along the way, I’ll discuss a myriad of topics, while offering absolutely no expectation to you or myself of what I’ll share next. There will be no formatting standard to get used to, so get used to it. Some posts will be long. Others might just be a word. With all of that in mind, I’d genuinely value your feedback along the way.

Time to put words to paper, err…screen.